Do you feel needed?

Maybe even a little too needed!? 


Silver lining: Doing things with your child, and for your child, make some of the best images from a family session. I loved this expecting mama's comment that her lovely toddler probably wondered what got in to his parents. For him, our photoshoot felt like the best playdate ever. No doubt everyone took a nap that afternoon.

Tip: Make note of a game you play with your child that you know they love. Tell your photographer ahead of time so they can incorporate it into the session.

Two for the price of one - at least until pre-school!

Newborn twins, they embody paradox. When one is asleep, the other is awake. When one is happy, the other is cranky. But when they both decide they are finally snuggly and satisfactorily fed, there's nothing sweeter on the planet.

On a fashion note, the classic aden + anais muslin swaddles are really lovely and photograph well. For twins, especially of the same gender, it works to have similar items, like these plaid diaper covers, with just a small variation.

For parents, I'm a big fan of neutral tones in lighter shades. Dad came out in a button down and cardigan, but noted he was dressed as if he was going to the office. Once he got into his regular hoodie, he felt more like himself and it made a cozy spot for the babies to lounge in.

Moral of the story, dress like yourself, even if you're just born.

I can't resist a Before and After photo...

I'm okay with scruffy, bad attitudes, high energy personalities or introspective, shy small people. It's the range of kids' emotions that's so wonderful. These guys polished up, showed off their moves and ran the gamut from mischievous and playful, to gorgeous and sweet. The studio shoot doesn't have to be a place of blah and Sears portraits. Let your fun flag fly!
p.s. kudos to their mom for some great wardrobe styling.