I can't resist a Before and After photo...

I'm okay with scruffy, bad attitudes, high energy personalities or introspective, shy small people. It's the range of kids' emotions that's so wonderful. These guys polished up, showed off their moves and ran the gamut from mischievous and playful, to gorgeous and sweet. The studio shoot doesn't have to be a place of blah and Sears portraits. Let your fun flag fly!
p.s. kudos to their mom for some great wardrobe styling.

Dress up time, page the wind machine!

Sometimes you are going along in an ordinary studio session and you suddenly realize, mom's top will look great on her 6 year old! No need for beauty pageant makeup, just a beautiful personality and a little attitudinal glam. If you love to see your kids more stylized, it's just a matter of communication, rather than happenstance. Tell us, and we can plan for a more editorial feel. 

Gowanus Nexus

Gowanus, where our studio is, used to be a no man's land between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Migratory birds stopped off at the toxic wetlands opposite our building. Now a flagship Whole Foods Store sits on the site and the entire area was Superfunded a few years back. I saw swans in the Gowanus Canal last weekend.

There is a 600 unit apartment complex being built a few blocks away (there goes my downtown Manhattan view). The positive side is that now I see so many families out for strolls, enjoying the urban scenery, the graffiti and grittiness, while still being able to pick up some organic milk.

TIP: hot playdate for little kids is the last row of parking in the Whole Foods parking lot. Grab your lunch then spend a happy hour watching the balletic performance by excavators and front end loaders at the metal crushers on the opposite side of the canal.