Do you feel needed?

Maybe even a little too needed!? 


Silver lining: Doing things with your child, and for your child, make some of the best images from a family session. I loved this expecting mama's comment that her lovely toddler probably wondered what got in to his parents. For him, our photoshoot felt like the best playdate ever. No doubt everyone took a nap that afternoon.

Tip: Make note of a game you play with your child that you know they love. Tell your photographer ahead of time so they can incorporate it into the session.

Great wardrobe options for an active toddler

A pretty new walker with all the right wardrobe choices. Floral and light-hearted patterns add a pop of color or brightness when she wants to stand out from her background. A few pairs of bottoms because you know she'll get the first ones dirty within 5 minutes. The texture of mom's shirt and necklace tie in with her daughter's outfits, and dad looks casually pulled together in a soft linen shirt. Plus it's perfect for snuggling against when you need a moment of downtime.

Even newborns wonder what to wear

Skip the "outfit" and go for options that reflect your style and showcase your baby's sweetness. For this newborn's shoot we incorporated the grandma's crocheted blanket for a vintage vibe and meaningful portrait. The whimsical flower pattern fabric was purchased to make a baby quilt. Though it's not made yet (no explanation needed) that didn't stop us from making use of it. And the Eames rocker, well, who doesn't look good in one! Finally, newborns look good with parents draped over them.