I can't resist a Before and After photo...

I'm okay with scruffy, bad attitudes, high energy personalities or introspective, shy small people. It's the range of kids' emotions that's so wonderful. These guys polished up, showed off their moves and ran the gamut from mischievous and playful, to gorgeous and sweet. The studio shoot doesn't have to be a place of blah and Sears portraits. Let your fun flag fly!
p.s. kudos to their mom for some great wardrobe styling.

Joyful versus Tender - which wins your heart?

I was shooting some editorial work for a designer friend using my own kids (not recommended.) At the end of the shoot they were relaxing on the sofa, and I shot off about 10 frames. They must have been warmed up because they hammed it up and the next moment relaxed into a sweet and open moment.

For each child there is more than one authentic image that represents them. When I sit with clients to look at their images they often choose the happy image, but what strikes your heart most?