Three tips for picking baby clothes for your photo session

Great wardrobe choices make a better photo. There's no denying it. It's the first question we get asked. 

1 Color - Pick one that looks good on your baby, sounds obvious right? Pale babies will look  better in softer colors. More olive babies can get away with brighter hues. Every baby looks good in white or their birthday suits.

2 Patterns - yes, they are okay. In fact a floral print is one of my favorite, pretty choices for little girls. Or think sailor striped shirts or collarless shirts on boys. Just don't do anything big and bold that will overwhelm the subject and pull the eye away from the face.

3 Fit - No baby wedgies, no baggy onesies. A good fitting onesie or outfit is imperative. Try it on a week before the shoot to make sure it's a good fit. For dresses and shirts notice if it lays well if your baby is lying, sitting, moving? Is it unwrinkled, do you have matching bottoms so the diaper isn't peeking out the bottom of the dress? Does shirt ride up on your baby boys face?

These gals do it right. Their clothes only play a supporting role and they are the stars. Even when it's a brighter color, the pattern echoes the background texture and pulls the elements together.

You can always send us photos of your planned outfits before shoot day.