Every year, for the past six years, we have been fortunate to have Justine Cooper photograph our family, even after we moved from Brooklyn to Chicago. We are addicted! She is a brilliant photographer who has such a warm personality. We have twins that can be very shy and Justine always manages to bring out their true fun and loving personalities. Her photographs are some of our most cherished possessions, and every time we look at the images, it brings us right back to that moment, which is priceless! We have recommended Justine to everyone we know and all our friends who have worked with her share our sentiments. Thank you Justine for helping us so perfectly capture these beautiful moments in time.
— The Tandon Family
Justine — i want you to know how much we absolutely love the photos. we cannot stop looking at them — they are just so great. you totally captured the individual spirits of both H & S — I feel like everything I know about them has been bottled in time. they are really really, wonderful.
— Amy Brown, Hamptons
Before our session(s) I was concerned about run-away costs combined with totally unnatural photographs stylized in a fashion that is utterly unrepresentative of our lives and likenesses.
Fears come true? No, while I must admit that the process can be ‘painful’ for a person who does not like photos taken, Justine was wonderful in engaging all members of the “cast”, keeping the photo-session moving and finding ways to understand postures, poses, composition that is reflective of our normal environment. That combined with an acute eye, led to some truly enjoyable photos that have endured as favorites.

Seeing my family enjoy the photo-session was my favorite part. It was not work or fake or artifice. Justine, sort-of, became a family member and helped a natural dialogue that was recorded in images.
I have also done a studio head shot session with Justine - in which she really helped me relax and worked to convey a sense of character and sincerity that other “head-shot” sessions have generally failed to do.

If you want wonderful, natural images of your family, friends or yourself, then jump in - the water’s fine. Trust Justine - let her know your fears, concerns, experience, etc and she will work with you to have both good outcomes and an enjoyable experience
— Christian Mundigo, West Village
We’ve had good photos taken over the past 6 years with various photographers. We booked Justine Cooper this year for photos in a variety of urban settings in Tribeca and she was absolutely extraordinary — the best experience we’ve ever had here with photos.
Her work speaks for itself (we are thrilled with the photos), but equally important, her ability to work with the kids is just amazing. My niece was easy going, but my 5-year-old son was in a horrible mood prior to the session. Justine immediately struck a report with my son and was able to get him in a genuinely good mood to participate naturally with the whole family in the session.
Justine was able to capture the great spirits of the kids AND the grown-ups throughout the whole photo shoot. Justine also has an incredible ability to find unique perspectives for great shots. Highly, highly recommended.
— Robin Allstadt, Tribeca
Justine creates beautiful images, and is a pleasure to work with! She is very easy-going, creative, and reasonably priced (for Manhattan). She took beautiful photos of me when I was (very!) pregnant, and we had such a fun day. She was very clever about the settings, poses, lighting, and the photos are fabulous! The photos were so good, in fact, that we asked her to come back and photograph our baby 2 weeks after the birth. She did a fantastic job balancing our desire for photos with a baby who was sleeping, nursing, pooping, smiling, etc. The photos are amazing - and EVERYONE who sees them remarks on how beautiful they are. I would not hesitate to recommend Justine - in fact I already have many times. Several friends have had her take photos of their children and have been thrilled with the results.
— Braden Rhetts, Chelsea
I would highly recommend Justine for family and children photography. She did an amazing job with my very small girls, capturing beautiful shots despite their moving around so much and it being about 95 degrees outside. The photos looked effortless, great scenery, color and contrast. She is patient, kind and generous with her time and knowledge. The end result exceeded my expectations and I am hard to please.
— Elizabeth McNulty, Brooklyn
JCP has always delivered on beautiful photographs every time I’ve used her. I normally would have waited until one of her mini session specials purely for economic reasons, but I had no doubt that I would use her services again.
I especially liked getting to work through the photos at her studio for our ordering session - I didn’t do it the first two shoots, but did for our family’s group shoot and it was amazingly helpful. I would recommend this service to everyone who uses her. Being able to visualize enlargements puts my pictures into context and makes it easier to envision how I’d display them at home.
— Lauren Roseman, Brooklyn
Justine, we are so so thrilled with the photographs that you took of our family. There is such artistry in your work. How are we going to choose! Thank you for getting to us so quickly as well. We couldn’t be happier.
— Marilyn Andersen, Greenwich