EXPRESSION SESSION or Little Artist Session

Wednesdays June 3, 2015

The last Expression Sessions! Great for Father's Day
We all know how mercurial kids are. These series or grids capture those split second changes between goofy, gorgeous, hilarious and personable. Instead of a marathon shoot, kids and babies do their stuff for a total of about 10" and are out of the hot seat. Then...right after we shoot, we sit down with you and create a storyboard from the best, most expressive and diverse group of images. They are sweet in small sizes and like pop art in big sizes. Super fun!

NEW Little Artist Sessions
I don't know about you, but I'm drowning in the beautiful artwork my kids produce. 
My solution was to choose favorite or exemplary pieces and create a portrait of the artist with the art!
I will remember my little artist at this age and all the magical things they created.

Either session is complimentary with a minimum print purchase of $185 that is applied to your artwork order. 

To reserve a time please follow instructions here:

Before you book a time find out what happens after, including options for digital files, prints and artwork info by reviewing the info on the right of this page or request a pdf if you can't view this. Thank you!