No boring dissertation on how much "we love to take photos and it’s our calling to do yours" because we hope it’s obvious from the work we do and the reviews we receive. 

Our goal is simply to make it fun, have everyone look good, defuse any stress and deliver real and, better than real, moments. 

Essentially we want to put it all together for you.

Modern family photography is synonymous with creating what you need. We are fully aware that’s not the same for every family.
You are investing your money and, just as valuable, your time. So it’s very important to us that you feel at ease, connected and in good hands.  

Post-shoot we’ll let you know what’s next, but won't hound you for decisions.
We aren’t the people that threaten “you have 7 days left to purchase artwork and then we will delete all your photos.”
We are the people that have triple-backed up your images, and when you call 5 years later because your computer died and you lost all your files, we have you covered.

Just as relevantly we won’t send you off with a “here are your files, good luck figuring out what to do with them…" sentiment. We have a heap of experience making images materialize into something fabulous for your walls at home, the desk in the office or anywhere you’d like to be reminded how amazing your family is.

These subtle nuances contribute an enormous amount of extra worth to what we offer. 

Once you’ve experienced a photo session with our attention to detail and your specific needs you will understand why we are still around, and still obsessed with capturing images that bring a smile to your face (or a tear to your eye) every time you see them.

photo by Petra Romano

photo by Petra Romano


Justine’s purpose is to create a wealth of images with beauty, wit and feeling, specific to your family.

She creates images with both an artist's eye and a photojournalist's ability to capture the moment.  To hear what her clients have to say about her and her work click here.

If degrees and accolades get you excited, Justine is an award winning, internationally exhibited artist and photographer. Her personal work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and has been exhibited at The New Museum and the International Center for Photography here in New York. She is formally trained in photojournalism (B.S. Newhouse, Syracuse University) and fine art photography (M.F.A Sydney University). Australian born, Justine has made New York her home for over a decade. And yes, she’s a mom of two as well.


Why work with our associate photographers - Petra or ryan - instead of Justine?

As our studio has grown we have wanted to keep the quality of the work we do at the highest level. Our associate photographers have a technical background in photography along with years of experience executing it. They make you feel comfortable while creating gorgeous images. You get a similar sensibility and aesthetic to the work Justine creates for a smaller investment. You have access to all the same artwork and products, and your resulting images go through the identical process.



Petra's work shows a great eye for creating classic family moments, and portraits of kids and babies infused with simplicity and playfulness. If you have pets, she loves to have them along for your session. She knows how to bring out the best in you.

Originally born in Slovakia, she has been in New York for the past 13 years with her Italian husband, 9 year old pug, and toddler son. She's been shooting with our studio for the last 5 years.

To see her work click here. Or to know what clients say, read here.



Ryan creates a relaxed environment for your shoot. He's got a stack of experience in fulfilling the concepts of picky art directors from his 15 years as a commercial and editorial photographer and videographer. Ryan is no stranger to working with real people and families either. He gets regular workouts from wrangling his own two young kids.