About your shoot


  • Decide what session is best for you.

  • We chose a suitable date and time based on schedules, naps and light.

  • We send you info on how to prepare for your shoot including what to wear and bring.

  • We develop an understanding of what you want most from your session.

Some kids (and adults for that matter) take longer to warm up, while others burn brightly first off, then need a little breather. Both kinds of tempos can make great opportunities for photos. It's important for the parents to feel relaxed and playful. If we are in the studio, it's divided into two sides, so everyone has space. If we are outdoors, it's easy to hang back and observe, or jump in when the moment is right. Newborns have their own agenda too. We will work with you to make the best images and moments within the natural flow of being a new parent.


Your images will be up online in a private gallery within 7-14 business days. Please let us know if you have a time-sensitive need. You can choose to share them with family and friends, or not. You can request a sneak peek on Facebook.
About a week after your images are online, we set up an in-studio or over-the-phone consultation to determine how to best present your images in your home or office, or as gifts.


We can shoot at your home, our studio or any location you like. It's possible to shoot in more than one location in a session. Our studio is set up to work with both natural and studio light. It's perfect in cooler weather when little ones can't be outside for long. It's also great when you want privacy for a maternity session. If we are coming to you, we can bring additional lighting to supplement your natural light. We travel to the beach or woods if you want images in places that are special to you.


Time of year
Feel and atmosphere
Age of children
Your ability to travel



  • We work quickly and/or patiently to capture genuine moments and help create an environment in which they can happen.

  • We can step back and let things unfold, then step in and give some direction.

  • We want the images we create to feel authentic to you and your family.

  • We can comfortably shoot in all types of situations.

  • We source the best products and use professional labs and suppliers for our clients.